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10 Best Clamp Meters in 2024

If you know electrical work, then you will understand how crucial a clamp meter can be. These meters allow you to measure the voltage, current, and impedance in any conductor without any direct contact. Furthermore, these meters come with plastic yet durable body. Therefore, you will have no trouble in using it as it is completely safe.

However, there is a myriad of things to consider while buying. So, we decided to come up with an in-depth review of clamp meters. Go through the review of each product, understand what they have to offer, and make the right choice.

List of Best Clamp Meters in 2024 Reviews

10. Hasagei Clamp Meter

HASAGEI Clamp Meters

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Innovation has a new name with Hasagei. The product is truly automatic with the aid of intelligent technology. The buttons are responsible for completing function as well as switching. Furthermore, this product comes with a much-needed flashlight. Hence, working becomes much easier even in low light areas.

Furthermore, it has a really high definition LCD screen which comes with a backlight. Hence, viewing things and controlling the meter becomes much more convenient. Besides, it also has a special warning light for safety.

Key Features:

  • The batteries required in order to run this product comes in the package itself.
  • When safety is concerned, you can take relief in knowing that the product is IEC rated.
  • With overload protection, you do not run any risk of having accidents.

9. Tacklife Clamp Meter

Clamp Meter

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The clamp meter has many different ways as well as types of measuring so that it can cover all that you can possibly ask for. The product has a special low mode. With the help of this, you can take voltage measurements with very low impedance with perfect accuracy. Not only that, but it also allows the meter to immediately trace whether the voltage is AC or DC.

Next, you do not like to risk touching power sources, it provides help. Also, the product also allows you to measure with no contact whatsoever with the help of the buzzer warning.

Key Features:

  • In case you have never used such a product before, any need to be concerned. The user manual walks you through each easy function in no time.
  • The product also comes with its very own carrying pouch. Hence, it makes the clamp meter much easier to port from one place to another.
  • You will be able to easily measure the blocking voltage with this meter.

8. AmazonCommercial Clamp Meter

AmazonCommercial Clamp Meters

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This heavy-duty product can be used for both commercials as well as residential purposes. The meter has been intentionally designed to be really compact. This allows the meter to squeeze into very tight spaces or cable compartments, making it simpler to take measurements without much struggle.

Besides, the compact size also makes the product more friendly, easily fitting inside your pocket without any problem. The design of this clamp meter is really user friendly. The product has a backlit LCD display, which gives you clear readings of your measurements.

Key Features:

  • With the addition of a low battery indicator, you will not run out of battery mid-work.
  • It takes measurements of both voltages as well as frequencies.
  • The carrying case comes with a little loop, which makes it easier to hold on a single finger.

7. AstroAI Clamp Meter


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This product lets you get a lot of different things done all at once, saving a lot of your time as well as effort. The clamp meter allows you to run a test on diodes, while at the same time, you can also get your voltage reading. More than that, the product also provides the benefit of resistance as well as continuity, being a Jack of all trades, to say the least.

It might be a disappointment if you lose a reading you just worked to get. For that reason, the product also has a special data hold features, which freezes the reading you took on the display.

Key Features:

  • The product also turns out to be really energy efficient. It automatically shuts off by itself after 15 minutes of no use.
  • Since the batteries are provided along with the product only, you can use this item right out of the box.
  • In case, you still have any doubts regarding the quality of the product, AstroAI drives all such thoughts away. It provides an impressive 3-year warranty on the product.

6. Klein Tools Clamp Meter

Klein Tools Clamp Meters

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With this product, you can easily measure the current draw without requiring to go through all the trouble of splitting the load’s power cord, saving essential time as well. Moreover, the product has a double insulation safety rating, which means, the clamp meter has no chances of injuring your hand by any overheating.

Also, to further assure you of the safety of this product, the clamp meter is both ETL listed, as well as CE certified. Hence, you can use it without any worries. The clamp meter has a special GFCI Receptacle tester, which tells you about the most common wiring problems.

Key Features:

  • Comes in its very own storage case. So, the case keeps your clamp meter clean when the product is not being used.
  • The item weighs a little less than 4 ounces that certainly doesn’t feel heavy on hands.
  • Most importantly, it also comes with a double insulation safety rating.

5. Meterk Clamp Meter


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This product will not fail to come up to your expectations. The item has already proven its high quality with its spectacular performance, and rightfully earned the title of Amazon’s Choice for itself. It is bound to have what you are looking for as well. For the ones who are not very accustomed to working with power sources, this product also has the facility of a simple NCV test.

This lets you detect the voltage with a simple sensor, not requiring to touch the source. The user manual comes in a number of different languages, and you are sure to find one which you are well accustomed with.

Key Features:

  • Even the buttons on this product are equipped with a backlight, making it much easier to use even in dark places.
  • Unlike other products, this clamp meter also allows you to measure the temperature with a good range between -25.6-572°F.
  • With the addition of the flashlight, you can use this product anywhere no matter how dark.

4. Fluke 323 Clamp Meter

Fluke Clamp Meters

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This product has been designed keeping every little necessity in mind. The outer layer of the carrying case for this product is water-resistant. Hence, your clamp meter remains in a safe enclosure when it is not being used. Moreover, the clamp meter has been given a slim design. This makes it much easier to control, as well as hold, providing you with ergonomic comfort.

With the availability of true RMS on this product, this clamp meter will never fail you when it comes to accurate readings whether the signal is linear or non-linear.

Key Features:

  • It only weighs 7.1 ounces. So you hardly feel any bulk when you are traveling with the item.
  • This can even measure resistance up to 4-kilo ohms.
  • The continuity sensor on this item is audible.

3. Etekcity Clamp Meter


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In order to match up with the needs of commercial purposes, this clamp meter has been given an industrial-strength. The testing leads on this product have been thoughtfully given an extended length. As a result, making it easier to take measurements in very constricted and hard to reach places. The clamp meter also has a data holding feature. This lets you freeze the data for noting down, so you do not lose it after measuring.

Wasteful consumption of energy is not good. Therefore, the product enters into a sleep mode after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Key Features:

  • With a year-long warranty on the product, what more assurance can you ask for when it comes to quality.
  • The product also has a unique Max reading feature for accurate results.

2. Kaweets Clamp Meter

KAIWEETS Clamp Meters

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If you tend to move around a lot for your work, this product is ideal for you. The product is ultra-light. Hence, you will not even remember you are carrying it. Besides, the clamp meter is really small, so it does not take up much room when in storage. Although do not go by the size of the product, the meter gives as accurate readings as any other.

For AC current measurement, you do not need to clamp the entire cord. Clamping to the live wire is sufficient, saving you the hassle of the whole ordeal.

Key Features:

  • Having a FUNC button, you can easily switch between various secondary functions.
  • With a beeping sound, the meter alerts you before shutting off for inactivity.
  • The product also sports a low pass filter specially meant for measuring variable frequency drive signals.

1.​​ Proster Clamp Meter


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This multifunctional clamp meter can come to use for many things from measuring voltage to resistance, to temperature, this product will do it all. Moreover, the product has both a low voltage indicator, as well as overload protection. Therefore, taking care of your safety while you work. Besides, the pouch of the product is zippered, keeping all contents securely inside, without any chances of falling out.

Also, you get the privilege of the NCV test, which lets you detect any AC voltage without needing to touch.  The LCD display screen on the item is backlit, so you have no difficulty reading the measurements on the screen.

Key Features:

  • The clamp-on of this product can be extended to a good 28mm, so you do not have to worry about the thickness of the cord.
  • With the batteries provided, you do not need to spend any extra penny on any accessories with this product.
  • This will automatically switch off when the device has 15-minutes of inactivity.

By now you may have known everything about the top-rated clamp meters. So, pick the ones that are convenient for your work.