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10 Best Dual Monitor Stands in 2024

Are you looking to buy the best dual monitor stand for giving a clean and neat appearance to your place? Having this equipment ensures that your home or office doesn’t look loaded due to multiple monitors. It offers perfect balance as well as stability to the system. Many people struggle to buy the right option as there are tons of models available to shop in the market.

Our creative team creates this guide to help the readers in making the appropriate choice. Stay with us until the end and we are pretty assured you will end up with the right option. We have created a list of top 10 best dual monitor stands to choose in 2024. Each unit is added after brief testing and research so don’t worry about the authenticity. Check out every stand and invest money in the one that suits you adequately.

Best Dual Monitor Stands to Buy in 2024

10. NB North Bayou (best lightweight dual monitor stand)

NB North Bayou Dual Monitor Stands

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The monitor stand that will begin our list is this NB North model that can fit perfectly with screens from 22” to 32” convincingly. The loading capacity of this highly brilliant product ranges from 6.6 to 19.8 pounds for every monitor. It is available in two beautiful colors like white and black.

There are integrated USB hubs available in the base that makes sure you have easy access for charging your devices without giving any important space. Overall, it is a complete dual monitor stand that you can buy with complete peace of mind.


  • Extremely quick & easier installation system
  • Equipped with 360° rotation for easy viewing
  • The tilt angle can be increased conveniently
  • Quick charging USB ports


  • Beginners may issue problems with the installation process

9. Tech Orbits Dual Monitor Mount Stand (best under $100)


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The next dual monitor mount stand is an extraordinary product that comes with a brilliant set of arms. There is smart swivel functionality added in the unit that let the users twist, turn, or tilt the monitors in the way you want. Your viewing experience will get boosted as per your preferences.

It is manufactured using top-quality aluminum material that makes sure monitors stay safe. Both grommets based and C clamp installation system is supported by this highly impressive unit.


  • Solid quality construction
  • Equipped with self-balancing arms
  • Different viewing angle adjustment
  • Multiple installation methods


  • Little bit misleading specifications

8. Wali Dual LCD Monitor Stand (best budget-friendly pick)

WALI Dual Monitor Stands

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The people who prefer shopping top-notch products at an affordable price can choose this dual LCD monitor stand without even looking further. It can fit screens up to 27” quite easily with maximum support up to 22 pounds in a single arm. Despite being a budget-friendly model, it comes with a two-stage locking system for the convenience of buyers.

The manufacturer delivers it with a complete set of packages that include mount, user manual, and mounting hardware kit. Also, it is backed by 10-year protection from the company’s end.


  • The solid capacity of collectively 22 pounds
  • Give multiple adjustment features
  • Convenient to adjust monitor arm
  • Super cheap to buy


  • Doesn’t fit with screens more than 27 inches

7. Ele Tab Dual Arm Monitor Stand (best under $50)


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If you have this budget in mind and want to ensure quality doesn’t get compromised, then our team wants to present this model for you. It is a durable gas spring constructed stand having a capacity of nearly 28 pounds in total. The wobbling and tipping get greatly prevented due to the top-notch C-clamp mount system.

There are removable clamps added by manufactured to boost the cable management. Furthermore, the display’s weight gets effectively managed with the gas spring arm.


  • Give liberty to set in many different motions
  • Extremely sturdy and stable
  • Effective cable management system
  • Equipped with gas spring arm


  • Only available in a plain black design

6. Loctek D5D Dual Monitor Mount (best ergonomic dual monitor stand)

Loctek Dual Monitor Stands

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The D5D model is a highly improved model that crafted in an unbeatably sleek and ergonomic design by the Loctek brand. It can be mounted conveniently on the desk using the gourmet technique. This mount has an aluminum framework along with anti-scratch arms and gas spring for extra sturdiness. You can eliminate strain on the eyes and neck by adjusting the height through gas spring design.

On top of that, the availability of built-in cable clips ensures that the desk stays cleaned and organized. We believe that you are going to love this product completely.


  • Very durable and lightweight design
  • Easy to make height adjustment system
  • Equipped with lots of articulations
  • Ergonomic and anti-scratch construction


  • Slightly costly to shop

5. Amazon Basics Premium Dual Monitor Stand (best under $200)


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The chances of missing this product in the list of top dual monitor stands are pretty impossible if we talk only about authentic products. It is available in three different colors like black, silver, and grey. The use of this unit becomes easier with the presence of an arm adjustment system.

It is an impressive stand that works comfortably with screens measuring 32 inches or less. This unit can be tilted for changing reading angels depending on the situation. The only drawback of the unit is its higher price that might be difficult for many to adjust the budget.


  • Equipped with side by side arms
  • Highly durable construction
  • Clutter-free operation
  • Boost desktop space


  • Very expensive model to buy

4. EZM Vertical Dual LCD Monitor Mount (best for appearance)

EZM Dual Monitor Stands

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This EZM model is one of the best dual monitor stands that let the users mount the single or curved screen in an attractive manner. One can complete the mounting work very quickly thanks to the availability of a detachable brakes system. You only need to loosen up these brakes for adjusting the screen’s height as per the requirement.

It is afree-standing model that comes up with a durable V-shaped base for an easier experience. You can adjust the screen by tilting it anywhere from left to right. Buying this stand will let you save a great sort of desk space for sure.


  • Capable of supporting curved screens
  • Free-standing construction
  • Adjustable height system
  • Solid metal base


  • Little bit costly to shop

3. Fleximounts D1DV (best vertical dual monitor stands)


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If you want to set your screens in a vertical direction, then the D1DV model is the top-class choice to make. It is a very brilliant product that fits with the screen between 10 to 27 inches adequately. Furthermore, the height can be adjusted anywhere from 7.9 inches to 26 inches depending on the situation. Having this product will clear up space on the desktop to keep things like laptops or keyboards.

The manufacturer has used highly premium material for crafting this stand so there is no need to worry about its authenticity. Another unique thing about it is you are allowed to adjust each monitor individually that is pretty awesome. The monitors stay at the place once you tighten the knob correctly.


  • Compatible with a variety of screens
  • Gives liberty to set screens independently
  • Solid loading capacity
  • Positions can be changed without removing monitors


  • Little bit heftier than other top models

2. Vivo Dual LED Monitor Stand (runners up)

VIVO Dual Monitor Stands

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The second position is accommodated by this perfectly designed unit that is compatible with screens ranging from 13” to 27”. The Vivo has provided it lightweight construction with a weight of under 25 pounds. There is full articulation provided by this unit with a tilt from +45° to -45° along with 180° swivel.

The installation process is quite simple due to the presence of removable VESA plates. You will get a complete set of hardware and related accessories with this unit.


  • Provide an integrated cable management system
  • Convenient to install
  • Equipped with an extra stable base
  • Adjustable to excellent viewing height


  • Arm endings get to bend over a certain time period

1. Huanuo Dual Arm Monitor Stand (editor’s choice)


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The most incredible option for keeping your table organized is shopping this dual arm monitor stand from Huanuo band. It is easy to suspend the model made using solid metal to keep the monitors safe. The accessories delivered with this unit are very safe and don’t damage the table at all.

Installing it will eliminate the pain that comes due to putting too much pressure on the back and neck. The presence of adjustable mechanism ensures its compatibility with a variety of tables. It gives universal monitor support and a top-class base for convenient attachment. Also, you will see many tilting arms that work perfectly at a variety of angels.


  • Give liberty to have many adjustments
  • Very smooth to use
  • Solid quality aluminum material
  • Keeps cables hidden


  • Little bit sensitive tension adjuster

How to choose the best dual monitor stand?

No matter what your reason for shopping a dual monitor stand is, you must end up shopping the perfect unit. However, you need to understand that every model differs from each other in terms of features. Here, we are going to give you a buying guide that includes must check things in the dual monitor stand.

  • Weight Capacity

You need to understand that every stand has a different weight capacity. Please ensure that the collective weight of the monitor doesn’t exceed the maximum load capacity of the stand.

  • Display Size

This thing is very important to consider in a dual monitor setup process. The spacing is fixed between the brackets, and it won’t be possible to exceed the size of the screen size. Make sure that the mount is compatible with the screen size of your monitor.

Cable Management System

The next must check thing in the dual monitor stand is checking whether the unit has a cable management system or not. Having this feature is very helpful for organizing wirings and cables adequately without creating too much mess. That’s why it is better to go for a monitor stand that has an integrated cable management system so that wirings can be organized and aligned properly.

  • Adjustability System

Another important feature that your dual monitor stand should possess is the solid power to get adjusted according to the needs. For example, it should be able to rotate 360 degrees if you want a landscape or a portrait picture. Don’t buy the stand before checking out its adjustment level.

  • Budget

You can shop dual monitor stands in all types of budgets that range from US$ 25 to US$400 or even more. However, we need to understand that everyone doesn’t want the same sort of features. There is a huge possibility that some of the key features will miss out on the low price unit. Identify all your needs along with the budget to ensure you end up shopping for the right product.

  • Articulation Range

The model you are shopping should have the required articulation range using which position of stand or monitor gets adjusted. It varies from one model to another, so please check before shopping.


A dual monitor stand is a perfect option for having a perfect view with multiple screens. It won’t only make your space mess-free, but reduces the strain on the neck to a greater extent. We believe reading this post has helped you gain tons of valuable information that you can use for buying one of the best dual monitor stands.

If there is a question or suggestion regarding this equipment, please tell us in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to leave your comments about which option you shop after reading this post.