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10 Best Foldable Keyboards in 2024

If you need to carry your laptop and keyboard everywhere, then you might know the hassles you need to go through. Plus, the weight sometimes becomes unbearable. So, you must get foldable keyboards that will instantly make it a lot easier for you. These compact keyboards are folded to a size that you can carry in your pocket. As a matter of fact, these even come with Bluetooth connections and many other features.

Having impressive characteristics, you can buy a foldable keyboard for reducing the load. So, what more? Read the features and you can now settle for the one.

Best Foldable Keyboards Review

10. Jelly Comb B047 Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Jelly Comb

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Another excellent foldable keyboard from Jelly Comb that has tich features and an affordable price. When you open it up it has a thickness of fewer than 0.2 inches and folded doesn’t cross the mark of 0.5 inches.

So either way, it remains slim and sleek for a clutter-free experience. With a 90 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, you moreover get a long running time on every charge.

Key features:

  • Has Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity for wireless use.
  • Less stress on your fingers with the soft keystrokes enabled by scissor-switch technology.
  • Very light and portable at just around 3 ounces.

9. Anker Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Anker Foldable Keyboards

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Anker always produces high-quality and reliable electronic products at a reasonable price and this foldable keyboard from the brand is such an example. When folded with the help of its mechanical hinges, it converts to the size of a regular pocket calculator that is easy to carry around.

Finally, you can connect to various devices via Bluetooth and have a range of 10 feet.

Key features:

  • To reactivate from sleep mode just press a key and wait for a few seconds.
  • Backed by a warranty of one and a half years
  • When folded, it rather comes down to the size of a pocket calculator.

8. Jelly Comb B003B Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Jelly Comb Foldable Keyboards

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This keyboard is one of Jelly Comb’s flagship products and that is quite evident from just the build quality. It has a silver-colored body with black keys that accentuate its looks to a whole new degree.

Even the hinges that enable the keyboard’s foldable nature are of top quality. Along with that the one-year warranty period just makes it an irresistible deal.

Key features:

  • Has a high capacity 104 mAh lithium-ion battery.
  • You can use this keyboard within 33 feet of the Bluetooth paired device.
  • With the touchpad, you also get the functions of a mouse.

7. Macally Universal Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard


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Macally provides you with a keyboard that is light, affordable, slim and can be easily connected to various types of computers via Bluetooth. So no need to deal with a worn-off, damaged cable or any tangled mess. It uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Therefore, you don’t have to keep visiting the store for AA or AAA batteries, at least not for this device. As a matter of fact, the keyboard enables comfortable typing in any scenario.

Key features:

  • Connecting the device to your computer or phone is really easy.
  • It can be changed effortlessly.
  • Has a strong Bluetooth connection to a maximum range of 35-feet,

6. Sounwill Foldable Keyboard


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If you are a frequent traveler or someone who is on the road for long durations, then this foldable keyboard from Sounwill will benefit you greatly. It doesn’t make a lot of sounds while typing and has a thin, lightweight design for maximum portability.

However, once charged it will allow you to type continuously for over one and a half days. It is indeed of standard size and comes with inbuilt BT mode. It further has a range of 10 meters.

Key features:

  • Comes with a complimentary stand holder that can bear the weight of your tablet or smartphone.
  • Easy switch to iOS, Android or Windows by pressing the correct letter with the function key.
  • Leather’s appearance looks and feels good to touch.

5. MoKo Universal Foldable Keyboard


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Moko has really brought forward great innovation with this foldable keyboard. The innovation isn’t with the foldable design. Yes, it is convenient but there are a lot of generic foldable keyboards flooding the market.

It has scissor-switch technology which helps you type much better and more comfortable than with a standard keyboard. Your fingers would always have a close reach to each and every key and even the softest keystroke is enough for high accuracy.

Key features:

  • The magnetic switch turns the keyboard on or off as folds and unfolds.
  • Made from high-quality rustproof ABS material.

4. Plugable Foldable Keyboard

Plugable Foldable Keyboards

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Plugable has made this keyboard with an intelligent design that benefits in transportation, usability and efficiency. It comes with a stand holder that can be used to set your tablet in an inclined position for typing.

But it can also fold around your keyboard perfectly so that it doesn’t get lost while province the keyboard an extra layer of protection. Moreover, you can charge the keyboard via any generic USB cable.

Key features:

  • Connect it to other devices via Bluetooth or USB cable.
  • A large rechargeable lithium-ion battery lets you use the keyboard for weeks on a single charge.

3. Samsers Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Samsers Foldable Keyboards

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Samsers foldable keyboard is so compact that you can put it inside your pocket and get going. Now you don’t need to carry a heavy laptop everywhere you go. A tablet or a smartphone with this portable keyboard is all you need for typing while on vacation or on a trip. It also gives you an unmatched standby time of 3 months.

Furthermore, it certainly is compatible with iOS, Windows as well as Android. Thus, you will face no problem in pairing it up with other devices.

Key features:

  • A full charge requires just 2 to 3 hours.
  • You get nice keystrokes that are quiet enough to be used in a library.
  • Indeed a pocket-size product that is stored in any backpack.

2. Jelly Comb Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Jelly Comb Foldable Keyboards

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Increase your productivity wherever you go and bring the convenience of typing with this foldable keyboard from Jelly Comb. Due to its foldable design, it takes up a very compact space when not in use and can fit in your backpack or handbag easily.

For power savings, it automatically goes into sleep mode when you aren’t using it for a certain period of time.

Key features:

  • The Left and right click pad eliminate the need for an extra mouse.
  • 10 minutes of inactivity send it into sleep mode.
  • This compact keyboard rather has over 63 keys.

1. iClever Bluetooth Keyboard


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IClever has beautifully blended both style and functionality with this brilliant keyboard. Firstly, it can be folded and is extremely well made with high-quality aluminum housing. It also powers off automatically after a certain period of inactivity so that you can use it for a longer time with a single charge.

You also get compatibility with all major operating systems and can use it for your desktop PC, laptop, tablet and even your smartphone.

Key features:

  • The magnetic switch activates certainly the keyboard when you open it up.
  • You can type for up to 90 hours on a single charge.

Struggling to carry your regular keyboard to places? The foldable keyboards are indeed a solution to this real-life problem. Just fold it and carry it anywhere.