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10 Best Lawn Mower Lifts in 2024

A lawn mower is a very important equipment for individuals who are serious about gardening. However, there are times where we have to repair it or to perform regular maintenance. The toughest task in all this work is to lift the mower. For this purpose, the technology has invented lawn mower lifts that are available in many different variations.

Having this device is very useful for the users and makes sure things remain safe. The chances of any injury get reduced to minimal if you use this machine. Many readers might be thinking about how they can choose the right model out of hundreds of models available in the market. You don’t worry as our team is here to help the readers by providing a list of top 10 best lawn mower lifts to choose in 2024. Have a brief look at every model and buy the one that suits the needs of your mower perfectly.

List of Best Lawn Mower Lifts Review

10. Copachi Push Lawn Mower Lift (best for easy assembly)

COPACHI Lawn Mower Lifts

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If the main thing that troubles you is the assembly, then don’t look beyond this mower lift from Copachi brand that is backed by a three year warranty period. It is a beginner-friendly model that can be assembled with minimal knowledge. You can raise mower up to 22 inches in height with the help of this lift.

Instead of levers or pedals, there are adjustable keys used by this unit for lifting. Overall, the mechanism is quite easy to understand, even if you are using it for the first time.


  • Effortless assembly process
  • Solid steel construction
  • Give proper stability
  • Make maintenance easier


  • Minor complaints about the fitting process

9. MoJack XT Residential Lawn Mower Lift (best with 500 pounds capacity)


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The ninth position is accommodated by this highly-rated lift that can literally pick up any lawn mower up to 500 pounds. It is designed in such a way that users can easily complete maintenance tasks like blade sharpening, cleaning debris, and replacing belt quite conveniently.

There are proper safety arrangements made by the company with the addition of a safety lock pin and screw jack system. It makes sure that the mower doesn’t become unstable or slip at all. The mower can be lifted using a power drill or even manually depending on the situation.


  • Compatible with most of the mowers
  • Can be stored quite easily
  • Extremely convenient to use
  • Backed by two years warranty


  • Hard to understand the assembly process

8. Push Lawn Mower Lift Tools (best budget-friendly pick)

COPACHI Lawn Mower Lifts

The next unit is for the smart people who want to buy a solid product without paying too much money. This Push Lawn Mower brand product can be yours without putting pressure on the pocket. Despite being a budget-friendly unit, the company backed it by providing a three-year warranty.

Using this machine, you can easily check underneath your mower and ensure that the system is maintained properly. Additionally, it has a brilliant adjustable key that is very useful for lifting a solid load.


  • Provide solid stability
  • Very easy to understand construction
  • Super cheap option to shop
  • Easy to understand the adjustable system


  • Low weight capacity may make it inappropriate for heavy mowers

7. PowerBuilt 620422E Heavy Duty Jack (best for capacity)


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The buyers who are looking for a multi-purpose jack with a pretty solid capacity should invest money in the PowerBuilt 620422E without even thinking for a second. The price of this unit may be pretty high, but no one will mind it after checking the available features.

It has a patented design that can work both a removable as well as padded lift rail. The total capacity of this model is nearly 4,000 pounds that is quite astonishing. Furthermore, there are locking safety bars that make sure the machine stays in one place.


  • Crafted using a very high-quality material
  • Equipped with solid safety bar
  • Work for a variety of machines
  • The solid capacity of 4,000 pounds


  • Extremely costly to shop

6. Pro-Lift Lawn Mower T-5355A (best 550 pounds lawn mower lift)

Pro-LifT Lawn Mower Lifts

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If you are looking for a unit that comes with a capacity between 500 & 550 pounds, then this model is the right pick to make. It is a very convincing model having a safety lock system for tackling the load comfortably. The T-5355A equipped with a rubber-padded platform for protecting against scratches.

There is a non-slip pedal attached by the manufacturer that makes sure lifting the mower becomes easier than ever. It is a highly maneuverable machine that can be used with a variety of equipment. Overall, this machine is a superb choice that you can make for maintaining the lawn mower conveniently.


  • Capable of getting adjusted according to machine
  • Equipped with proper safety arrangements
  • Beginner-friendly to use
  • Highly maneuverable lift


  • Complaints about hydraulic oil leakage

5. GoPlus Mower Lift High Lift Jack (best for maneuverability)


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If you are looking for a lift jack that offers the most convincing maneuverability, then our team wants to suggest this incredible model with 300 pounds capacity. The manufacturer has added two wheels that ensure you can move it easily wherever you need.

In addition to that, you will find a foot pedal on this unit that needs to be pedaled down for lifting the zero-turn mower. Using this lawn mower lift is very simple due to the highly sophisticated mechanism. The cleaning and maintenance work is going to become very easier with the presence of this impressive lift.


  • Capable of getting adjusted up to 25 inches
  • Provide flawless transportation
  • Reasonable price
  • Compatible with mowers of different sizes


  • Low lifting capacity

4. Pro Lift Lawn Mower Jack Lift (best under $100)

Pro Lift Lawn Mower Lifts

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The definition of a perfect lawn mower jack is explained by this perfectly crafted product that you can shop without spending too much fortune. Apart from very solid steel design, this model has an incredible dual locking mechanism and safety latches that boost the level of quality to a different level.

There is also a non-slip foot pedal added to the unit that ensures lifting becomes effortless even for a beginner. It is a maneuverable and adjustable machine that works perfectly for many different machines along with a zero-turn mower.


  • Come with rubber padded platform
  • Incredible steel construction
  • Very cheap option to shop
  • Compatible with a variety of machines


  • Not capable of lifting heavy mowers due to low capacity

3. MoJack MJPRO (best for zero turn mowers)


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If you own a zero turn mower and want to shop the most convincing lift for it, then there is no need to look beyond this model. It comes in two different variants, one with 300 pounds capacity and the other with 750 pounds capacity. This machine is capable of lifting all types of riding mowers up to 28 inches front wheel.

Changing mower blades and performing normal maintenance will be a very easy task with the presence of this superb unit. Raising the mower is convenient as it can be done either through a power drill or just with a single hand.


  • Incredible capacity up to 750 pounds
  • Works perfectly with a cordless drill
  • Equipped with integrated safety from slippage & instability
  • Convenient to store


  • Demand lubrication from time to time

2. MoJack EZ Max (runners up)

MoJack Lawn Mower Lifts

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The runners up for the list of best lawn mower lifts is this model from MoJack brand that comes with a solid capacity of 450 pounds. This unit works with both as a powered drill or manually according to the requirements. The company has manufactured it in a patented design that ensures assembly doesn’t take too much time.

In addition to repair, this equipment works perfectly work for other things like belt replacement, blade sharpening, and removal of debris. The classic construction of this unit ensures you can fit it with the majority of tractors and mowers without any issue.


  • Extremely convenient to assemble
  • Compatible with all types of mowers perfectly
  • Incredible weight lifting capacity
  • Dual controlling options


  • The design definitely need little bit improvement

1. Larin Corporation LMLF-750 (editor’s choice)


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This mechanical jack is definitely a top candidate for repairing your lawn mower conveniently. The LMLF-750 has a solid capacity of 750 pounds that is enough for the majority of mowers available in the market. Furthermore, it can lift it to a height of 26 inches that is adequate for the majority of works.

This powerful equipment can also be used to be used for other equipment like cars and farm equipment. There is also a reliable lock system added by the manufacturer to make sure the entire operation stays safe for individuals.


  • Highly versatile unit to the shop
  • Equipped with a solid pin lock system
  • Backed by a one-year warranty
  • The solid capacity of 750 pounds


  • Robustness could have been improved

Buying Guide – Things to keep in mind while buying a lawn mower lift

There are lots of factors that can affect your choice while deciding the lawn mower lift. We have mentioned them in detail below:

  • Lifting Height

It is important to have a broader view of the parts located under the mower. To do so, the lift you shop should be capable of moving the mower to the required height. It ensures that the cleaning work become easier, and maintenance can be performed properly.

  • Lifting Capacity

The next thing that needs to be checked in the mower is “how much the capacity is”? Try to ensure that the model you are buying is capable of bearing the weight of the lawn mower lift. It will ensure that no damage or accidents occur at all.

Ease to use

The lawnmower lift should be designed in such a way that models ensure hassle-free operation. It should get locked in a certain position either through lifting or lowering.

  • Stability and Durability

The material used in the construction of lawnmower lift should be durable enough to last long without too many difficulties. Also, it should offer enough stability so that you can complete your job conveniently.

  • Budget

Apart from looking at important features, you need to understand that the price should stay in your budget. There are tons of things needed to be checked while making a choice that includes lifting height, capacity, and many more. The price moves with the increase in lifting capacity and height along with add-ons. However, you should choose per your pocket allows. Don’t fall into the trap of lucrative advertisements by the companies.

  • Safety

A very common mistake made by people isn’t caring too much about the safety features. However, you shouldn’t be like them at all and instead shop a model that made adequate arrangements for your safety. There should be a pin lock system that ensures the machine stays at a place.


A lawnmower lift is a solid equipment that every garden owner should have. Apart from lifting the mowers, it can be used for lifting a variety of objects like trucks, cars, etc. Our team has made the proper research and testing to ensure that you end up shopping one of the best lawn mower lifts without any problem. Look at the buying guide and ensure that the model you shop has all the necessary features. Buying the right model will allow you to lift the mower to the required height and performing maintenance correctly.

If you have a suggestion or query regarding this post, then it is strongly suggested to write in the comment section. Our team is always here to help the readers.