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10 Best Magnetic Sweepers in 2024

After any repairing work or roofing job, there is metal debris that remains all over your lawn. Of course, it can create hazards for your pets, toddlers or anyone walking barefoot. Nevertheless, cleaning debris by conventional methods is very painful. Hence, you need magnetic sweepers for this job. Next, popular as magnetic brooms, these sweepers are capable of quickly take out the scrap metals like nails or wires. So, you will be able to clean your lawn easily in a matter of minutes with these sweepers. Also, you will be able to clean metal debris at your home, garage or office easily with these products.

But how will you pick the top-rated magnetic sweeper for your use? Well, you are in luck since we are reviewing the best ones in the market. So feel free to explore more and find the suitable one.

Best Magnetic Sweepers – 10 Reviews:

10. Master Magnetics Magnet Sweeper

Master Magnetics Magnetic Sweepers

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Master Magnetics is a widely popular name in the industry. Obviously, it produces some of the best magnetic products in the market. And this one right here is no exception. This magnetic sweeper has a length of 13 inches. Thus, it offers a strong magnetic pull of 35 pounds. This magnetic sweeper can collect 1.6 pounds of nails which is approximately 225 pieces in just one sweep. So, you can stay completely sure about its efficiency.

As a matter of fact, it serves as a powerful alternative to brooms and dustpans. Besides, it has a sweep style design. Thus, you will have no trouble pushing it through the lawn or floor.

Key Features:

  • Of course, it comes with a telescoping handle. So, you can easily adjust the length of the handle easily.
  • Furthermore, this sweeper comes with 4-inches rubber wheels. Hence, using it is actually very easy and comfortable.
  • Lastly, it comes with a quick-release design. So, you will be easily able to release the metal debris from the magnet to the dustbin.

9. Steel Core 42603 Mini

Steel Core

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The Steel Core magnetic sweeper is definitely a worthy inclusion to our list. It also collects nails, screws, bolts, metal shavings, wires and other scrapes with relative ease. The foremost thing that you will find attractive about this sweeper is its construction. The length of the magnetic sweeper is 17 inches. Hence, it offers an extraordinary magnetic pull. Moreover, it comes with durable aluminum housing.

Therefore, it is completely lightweight and promises to serve you for years to come. Since it is light in weight, you will also have no trouble carrying it around.

Key Features:

  • Firstly, this magnetic sweeper offers you a great magnetic pull of 4.5 pounds.
  • It also comes with a telescoping handle. Thus, you can easily adjust it between 23 to 40-inches as per your need.
  • Lastly, it has two polyvinyl chloride wheels. Therefore, using it becomes much easier.

8. Hiltex 53417 Magnetic Pick Up Sweeper

Hiltex Magnetic Sweepers

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This is obviously one of the most unique products in this list. Firstly, this magnetic sweeper has a thin and sleek design. Nonetheless, the magnet that it uses is powerful enough to pick up large nails, screws and other metal debris easily. Due to its ergonomic design, you will have no trouble storing it. You will be easily able to hang it in a corner of your garage or storeroom. Next, it comes with two rubber wheels.

They help you to roll the sweeper over the surface to clean it without hassle. Above all, the magnetic base is actually super strong. So, you can be completely sure about efficient cleanup.

Key Features:

  • It also comes with an adjustable handle. You can easily adjust the height between 23 to 36 inches thereby reducing the chances of back pain.
  • Besides, the handle has a rubber construction with grooves. Hence, it provides you with a strong yet comfortable grip.
  • Above all, it only weighs 3.7 pounds. So, it is completely light in weight.

7. Neiko 53418A Magnetic Pick-Up Sweeper


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Neiko is obviously a popular name in the market. And this magnetic sweeper serves as a testament to their popularity. This magnetic sweeper from Neiko is a real beast! The foremost thing about this sweeper that you may find attractive is its working space. Of course, it offers an extra-wide working space of 36 inches. Therefore, it can cover a much larger area in much less time.

Most importantly, the sweeper also comes with a telescoping handle. The handle can go from 29 to 42-inches without hassle. So, you will be able to adjust the length of the handle easily and work comfortably.

Key Features:

  • The Neiko magnetic sweeper can pick up all ferrous metal objects up to 30 lbs. Hence, you can take out a huge amount of debris in just one sweep.
  • It also comes with two 7 inch rubber wheels. As a result, using this sweeper becomes very easy.
  • Lastly, the product also comes with a quick-release feature. Just lift the quick release handle and you will be able to release all the metal objects at once.

6. Shields Company NS-20LR

Shields Magnetic Sweepers

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If there is any perfect example to the term “simple yet effective” then this magnetic sweeper has to be it. As a matter of fact, this sweeper has a very simple design. It comes with an aluminum housing which is very light in weight. Therefore, you will never have any problem in picking up and use it.

Moreover, the housing houses a powerful magnet. The magnet is powerful enough to pick up metal objects from 2-inches deep without any hassle. So, you will never have any issue with the performance of this magnetic sweeper.

Key Features:

  • Firstly, it has a working area of 20 inches. Thus, it can collect a lot of debris with a single sweep.
  • Next, it is very easy to transport. More importantly, it has a very sleek design which makes it very easy to store too.
  • Besides, it is powerful enough to pick dozens of nails at a time.

5. AMK MSM-30 Multi-Surface Magnet


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Securing the middle position on our list, this one is obviously very special. The very first thing to look for in this sweeper is its design. This magnetic sweeper comes with a powerful magnet within a heavy-duty aluminum gauge. While the aluminum shell does not tamper with the magnet, it makes the sweeper lightweight.

However, for utmost strength, the magnet is 30-inches wide. Thus, it offers a very strong magnetic pull. And it can lift up to 60 lbs of debris in a single sweep. So, you will never have to worry about the efficiency of the product.

Key Features:

  • This sweeper can work efficiently on different surfaces. Be it your lawn or gravels, this sweeper will work just fine.
  • The handle of the sweeper is easily removable. Thus, you will have no trouble storing it.
  • Furthermore, it has a special load release feature. Hence, you will have no trouble in releasing the scrap into the garbage.

4. Toolwiz Heavy Duty

Toolwiz Magnetic Sweepers

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The Toolwiz magnetic sweeper is undoubtedly a great choice. Firstly, this magnetic sweeper uses aluminum, plastic and a powerful magnet in its construction. Hence, it is very light in weight and of course, easy to use. Next, the magnet has a width of 18 inches. So, it is perfect for cleaning your lawn, home or workshop.

An amazing fact about this sweeper is that it comes with two wheels. The wheels make it very easy to carry around. Above all, it also has a quick-release feature. So, you can use it to dump the scrap metals into the dumpster easily.

Key Features:

  • With this sweeper, you will also be able to adjust the height of the base.
  • It also comes with a telescoping handle. Thus, the length of the handle is easily adjustable too.
  • The sweeper also has a nice silicone handle with grooves. Hence, it provides you with a perfect and comfortable grip.

3. ROVSUN 24-Inch Rolling


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Sitting at the third position, the Rovsun magnetic sweeper is obviously a great one. It uses heavy-duty magnets in it. As a result, the magnetic sweeper is undoubtedly very efficient and powerful. Besides, it has a pulling capacity of 30 lbs. So, you will be able to pick up a great number of scrap metals with just a single blow. You can also adjust the height of the base according to your needs.

It comes with three adjustable heights between 0.6-inches, 1.2-inches, and 2-inches. You can choose the one that you need without the hassle. Finally, it also has a quick-release feature to get rid of the scraps.

Key Features:

  • The sweeper also comes with two 7-inches all-terrain wheels. Thus, it can work on any terrain without any hassle.
  • You can easily assemble the product when you need to use it. Otherwise, you can keep the parts separately for easy storage.
  • The telescoping handle can adjust between 30 to 46-inches in length according to your requirement.

2. Empire Level 27059 Magnetic Clean Sweep

Empire Level Magnetic Sweepers

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Being a leading producer of a wide variety of tools in the US, Empire always promises great quality. So, this one from here also upholds that promise and offers efficient usage. A perfect tool for your home or workshop, it obviously has a width of 11.5 inches. Thus, it promises to pick up a great number of ferrous metal objects from different terrains easily.

Furthermore, it has an adjustable magnetic head. Hence, you will be able to adjust the head at any angle to get the best result.

Key Features:

  • Firstly, it comes with two large wheels for ease of usage.
  • Besides, the aluminum handle can easily extend up to 40-inches.
  • Lastly, it works on all ferrous metals including nails, screws, nuts, metal shavings and a lot more.

1. AJC Hatchet 070-MS Hand Held

AJC Hatchet

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This one from AJC Hatchet sits atop our list for a reason. It is without any doubt the best one you can find in the market. The AJC Hatchet has a handheld design. Nonetheless, it works perfectly on a wide variety of surfaces including grass and pavements. Next, it houses powerful magnet insides it’s stainless steel casing.

The magnet has a length of 10-inches. Therefore, it provides you with easy cleanup. Above all, it can pick up debris from the floor without hassle.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a spring quick release. You can easily use it to release the scraps into the garbage.
  • Most importantly, it comes with a robust handle which makes it very easy to use.
  • Above all, it is very light in weight. So, you will never face any trouble in using it.

All the sharp materials will certainly not cause any harm or hurt you in any way. Take the advantages of the magnetic sweepers and keep the dangers of getting hurt away.