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10 Best Vertical Mouses in 2024

Do you work for hours on the computers and want to stay away from the wrest related injuries? If yes, then buying a vertical mouse is the smart choice that you can make. It not only promotes the neutral grip but also minimizes the pain related to the repetitive stress on the wrist. In this post, we will tell you about the top 10 best vertical mouses in 2024 with complete detail. All you need to do is checking each of them carefully and buying one that exceeds your expectations.

List of Top Best Vertical Mouses Review

10. J-Tech Digital Gen2 Ergonomic Vertical Mouse


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This product is specially made for the people who like beauty and uniqueness. The J-Tech Gen2 comes with a stunning LED light that immediately attracts the eyes. Also, there is a removable palm rest in the mouse resulting in improving the accuracy and smoothness.

Additionally, you are allowed to adjust its responsiveness with its three adjustable DPIs like 600, 1000 and 1600. That’s not all, there is an optical tracking technology in this product that makes the sensitivity better.

9. The FotoFo Wireless Vertical Mouse


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If you are looking to buy a vertical mouse with higher accuracy and sensitivity, then buy the FotoFo Wireless now. It has a very beautiful ergonomic design and durability that loved by the users. It is equipped with a high-resolution optical sensor having awesome responsiveness and accuracy.

There is a neutral wrist encouraged by its scientifically ergonomic design. It also makes the movement smoother and reduces the strain to a significant level. This vertical mouse is very comfortable to use and available in a variety of colors.

8. Shrakk Vertical Optical Mouse


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The Shrakk Vertical Optical is designed in a sleek polished finish and encourages your office endurance. It is portable and easy to swap vertical mouse across the surface where you work. There is a neutral forearm position promoted by your hands and arms with a complete comfort level.

This vertical mouse has many modern features such as adjustable DPI settings that allow you to adjust the pointer speed from slow to fast on the basis of your preference.

7. Evoluent Vertical Mouse


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The Evoluent Vertical Mouse comes in an innovative way that makes sure you don’t feel uncomfortable even working for long hours. There is an advanced thumb rest in the vertical mouse that reduces the pressure on your wrist. It has an extra wide lip due to which your last finger will get prevented from rubbing the desk.

Some other best features of this amazing vertical mouse are an eye-appealing lighted logo, adjustable optical sensor, and two thumb buttons.

6. Havit Ergonomic Wireless Vertical Mouse


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If you want to see a wireless vertical mouse at its best, then you should buy the Havit Ergonomic now. It comes with advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology through which you can operate the system even from a distance of 10 meters without any problem.

The mouse is very easy to control as you can adjust DPI levels as per your needs. Overall, it is one of the best vertical mouses that equipped with a variety of buttons to make the experience smoother for the user.

5. LuguLake Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Optical Mice


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If you want to reduce twisting minimum on your arm, then go for the LuguLake Vertical Mouse without researching further. It is designed in such a way that your wrist feels minimum pain and stress. This mouse equipped with easy to use buttons that allow you to enjoy the tasks on the computer.

Furthermore, it has a precise shape design that takes comfort to the highest level. Also, the 1000 DPI resolution allows you to adjust the pointer’s speed according to the work’s requirement.

4. Anker Ergonomic Vertical Mouse


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The Anker Ergonomic is a comfortable and classy mouse that comes with a plethora of useful features. It is designed for promoting comfort and functionality. This mouse promotes the natural handshake that makes the movement smoother and better for everyone.

If you choose to buy this product, then there will be a natural balance and position acquired by your wrist during the operation. It is a highly compatible mouse that you can buy without any worry.

3. ev. Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Mouse


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It is an especially health-oriented vertical mouse that you can use for working long hours on the computer. The ev. Wireless Ergonomic Mouse comes with an exciting vertical design that prevents the forearm from twisting. Additionally, there are 7 color breathing lights that make the environment perfect for gamers.

It is based on the plug and plays feature that makes sure you don’t have to install any driver. You will get a 100% money back guarantee with this product.

2. Anker AK-UBA 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse


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The product that deserves to be in the second position in our list is the Anker AK-UBA that equipped with plenty of useful features. It has a classy and futuristic design that makes the operation comfortable for the user. This mouse is compatible with a variety of operating systems.

It also has a power saving mode that allows the mouse to cut off power after an idle time of 8 minutes. Overall, it is an amazing device where you can invest your money.

1. Evoluent Vertical Mouse Right Hand Wireless

Evoluent Vertical Mouses

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The product that top this list is the Evoluent Vertical Mouse that compatible with Windows XP, 7 and all higher models. It is equipped with a 2600 DPI resolution making the response faster. This mouse is created for people who want to take their experience to the ultimate level.

Furthermore, there is an additional comfort promoted by its vertical engineering design. All these features make it a perfect option to invest your money in the long run.


The technology has helped in creating vertical mouses that allow the users to work on the computer for many hours. We believe that you have selected the one out of this list of top 10 best vertical mouses in 2024 according to your needs. Don’t forget to tell us about your experiences in the comment section.