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10 Best Electric Chainsaws in 2024

An electric chainsaw is useful in cutting heavy and tough substances such as trees, woods, and various such objects. There are various types of electric chainsaws available based on the source of their fuels. Some operate on gas while others are electric. It is needless to say that the electric ones are more convenient and there are two sub-types. One is corded and the other is cordless with battery. The following list contains the top 10 best electric chainsaws in 2024.

List of Top Best Electric Chainsaws Review

10. Poulan Electric Corded Chainsaw

Poulan Electric Chainsaws

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The design of this chainsaw is ergonomic to prevent any fatigue in the hand. The design also allows you to have control and balance while using it. There is a chain brake notification that alerts you about chain break activation. It has automatic oiling functions that keep the chain and bar constantly lubricated for reducing wear and tear. It has long-lasting engine life, but maintenance for the product needs minimum effort which is suitable for medium-scale works like chopping firewood, cleaning up after storms, and trimming.

9. Ivation Electric Chainsaw

Ivation Electric Chainsaws

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The electric chainsaw has an in-built chain brake that gives complete safety. There is also a low-level kickback bar. You can easily assemble the product and use as it needs no tools for assembling. It has Oregon chains that offer easiest and best cuts in the least time. It is the ideal device for farmers, ranchers, and homeowners who are in need of frequent chopping and cutting. There is an in-built oil reservoir that provides automatic lubrication constantly. It performs just like gas chainsaws.

8. BLACK+DECKER 16-inch Corded Chainsaw

BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaws

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The product comes with a 12 Amp motor that gives a powerful performance. The chain tensioning is completely tool-free. So, you can easily and quickly adjust the chainsaw as you need. It has an automatic system of lubrication. This ensures that it provides seamless performance along with no wear and tear on the machine. The machine also gets a longer lifespan than usual due to automated oiling. You can check the oil level in the in-built chamber through the clear window.

7. Makita 16-inch Electric Chain Saw

Makita Electric Chainsaws

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You can use this electric chainsaw for heavy work. The automatic chain lubrication makes it suitable for continuous heavy duty work. The electric chain brake offers maximum productivity. It lets off zero emissions. It is easy to maintain. The soft starting system makes the engine start smoothly every time you use it. A current limiter is also inbuilt in the product. It protects the motor from being damaged by heat. The handle comes with an ergonomic design so that you can use it for a long time.

6. Oregon Self-Sharpening Electric Chainsaw

Oregon Electric Chainsaws

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The most exclusive feature of this electric chainsaw is its self-sharpening nature. The tool is always ready for work due to this feature. The motor is highly powerful and has the strength of 15 Amp which enables fast cutting. The ergonomic designing helps to keep it balanced and lightweight. There is no extra vibration to disrupt the working. The handle is comfortable and does not cause pain in your hands while working. The chain brake is integrated for providing additional safety.

5. BLACK+DECKER 18″ Corded Chainsaw

BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaws

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The blade type for the product is Oregon. It comes with the feature of chain braking to ensure your safety. It runs on a powerful motor of 15 Amp. The bar and chain of this product together are 18 inches. The chain tension is tool-free. There is an oil chamber in-built that provides a constant supply of lubrication to the chains. Thus, your work will get completed quicker and faster with no glitches. The handle has an ergonomic grip. The clear window makes the oil level visible.

4. Remington Limb N Trim Electric Chainsaw

Remington Electric Chainsaws

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The lightweight design and compact size make it suitable for all the small scale trimming requirements. The electric motor of eight Amp provides smooth trimming. The bar and chain have 14-inch low-level kickback. The oil has a push-button control so that you can add only the amount of oil that is needed. The chain tension adjuster has an external location on the product. You can control the tension in the chain through the adjuster while trimming. The chainsaw comes completely assembled to provide a hassle-free start to your work.

3. BLACK+DECKER Lithium Ion Chainsaw

BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaws

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This electric chainsaw has a 20V battery life so that it is going to be useful for continuous long duration work. The blade is easy to adjust with quick adjustments and the adjustment can be done tool-free. It features 10 inches of the blade and it is suitable for most of the cutting works. The handle has a high-quality grip not to cause fatigue. There is an automatic oiling system available for lubrication so that the performance is consistent throughout.

2. Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks Electric Chainsaws

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This is a bestseller in the power chainsaw category and it is an electric cordless chainsaw with 16-inch of the blade. The battery is one of the long lasting ones and the brushless motor provides power and performance together. The torque is also high and therefore, it will undergo less wear and tear which will extend its lifetime. Besides, there is an oil tank for lubrication and it is translucent so that you can see when to refill. The operation is relatively less noisy and there are various safety components like brake and low kickback chain.

1. Worx Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension

Worx Electric Chainsaws

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This is by far the best electric chainsaw with better motor output for consistent cutting performance. It is extremely suitable for farmers, homeowners, as well as the ranchers. There is an auto-tension chain system due to which there will be no over tightening and therefore, it is safer to use. Besides, there is an inbuilt chain brake for more safety. Even the low kickback bar is for safety reason only. It works on direct electric supply and the cord is long and the speed is 12m/s. There is also an auto lubrication system and you can see the window level indicator in case it needs refilling. Moreover, the company offers a 3 years warranty.


The electric chainsaws are easy to maneuver and if you opt for the cordless ones, they are even better. You can get the same power and performance as the gas-powered chainsaws and there are additional safety measures taken to avoid unseen accidents. Moreover, there is an oiling system for lubrication and you can see when you need to refill to get consistent performance.